The Famous Bones and Muscles of the Legs

We use our legs for important activities such as walking, standing, running, kicking, jumping, and the likes. This part of the human body plays a significant portion for the totality of an individual’s mass. It supports the body as well as helps us in our movements. We know how important it is; and if it is injured, our daily lives are affected because we are not able to perform important activities such as walking. The main purpose of the human leg is for support and locomotion as well as the promotion of bipedalism. This refers to the movements that are created by our legs. 

The human legs are composed of several muscles and bones. Among the major bones found in the human legs are the femur, tibia, patella, and fibula. The femur is the bone located in the thighs and it is the bone that connects to the pelvis. This forms the hip joint, which meets the shin of the lower legs at the joint of the knee.  The tibia is the bone for the shin, or also popularly known as the shinbones. This bone is the one responsible for carrying our body’s weight, as it is the main bone of the legs.

The fibula is described as the smaller rear calf bone, or popularly known as the calf bone, and is located parallel of the tibia. If the tibia caries all the weight, then the fibula acts as stabilizer.  The bone that is found in front of the knee or what is usually called as the kneecap is called patella. The main function of this bone is to give the muscles that are located on the front of our thighs increased efficiency. It also protects the front part of the femur. 

The most famous muscles on the legs are referred to as quads because it is composed of four muscles. Their function is to straighten and extend the leg. The quadriceps or the quads are composed of the rectus femoris, the muscles of the inner thigh known as vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, and the muscles of the outer thigh known as vastus lateralis, which is the largest muscle among the four. It is interesting to note that the largest as well as the most powerful muscle in our body is found on the legs and, in particular, the upper thigh. Another interesting fact is that the body’s leg mass is about 50% of the human’s total body mass.

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