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Cirrhosis of the liver

The Condition of Cirrhosis of the liver

The liver is one organ that has an extraordinary regenerative property. The liver holds together and coordinates many vital functions in the body. It keeps everything going smoothly in our body system. If it reaches its threshold then the liver looses its efficiency and can lead to liver damage.

What does cirrhosis of the liver do to the body?

Cirrhosis of the liver can lead to liver deterioration and malfunctioning that arises as a result of chronic injury. The scar tissues block the flow of blood through the liver. This condition of scarring will lead to many complications like loosing the ability to control infection, failure to remove bacteria and toxin from the liver, failure to process nutrients and maintenance of hormonal levels, non-formation of proteins that aids in blood clotting, non-production of bile that helps in absorption. Only a healthy liver can regenerate its own cells when they are damaged. The liver can no longer effectively replace damaged cells as the condition of cirrhosis worsens.

Final stages of cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis is a condition which happens because of unhealthy lifestyle for years. They are not easily diagnosable in the early stage itself. Initially there will be scarring of liver later it would lead to the stopping of the liver functionality totally. If not diagnosed early they prove to be fatal. The condition of Cirrhosis cannot be reversed, rather it can be treated or can be slowed. In the end stage of cirrhosis, liver failure will happen, and a transplant is required to sustain life.  

The end stage of cirrhosis will have the blood flow through the liver restricted by excessively scarred tissues. This in turn will increasing portal vein pressure, which in turn causes blood to overflow into smaller veins that leads to bursting due to pressure. In this case, serious internal bleeding will occur.  

The liver loses its ability to detoxify the body and the toxins will cause problems with concentration that can lead to internal problems. This leads to hepatic encephalopathy.  

How long does a person live with cirrhosis of the liver

A healthy liver is indispensable for the survival. It is usually not possible for a person to live if the cirrhosis attains the final stage. The liver can function as long as the medicines are properly taken.  

A proper treatment would save you of the suffering from the cirrhosis. If proper medication is taken on the early stage, people with cirrhosis can continue living a normal life span and come out of the condition if they go on leading a healthy lifestyle by avoiding alcohol.

Symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver

The symptoms of cirrhosis cannot be found in the early stage itself. However, as the disease advances, the person suffering the condition will come across the following symptoms. The symptoms include nausea, itching, weakness, fatigue, appetite loss, and vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating of abdomen, skin discoloration, polydipsia, and polyuria.

Healthy life depends upon healthy lifestyle habits. Make sure you take proper care of your health. If you find any of these symptoms make sure to take appropriate action in order to curb the chances of the occurrence of cirrhosis.

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