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Insomnia is a medical condition happening simultaneously with psychiatric disorders. Insomnia patients experience constant difficulty in falling asleep or have problems in staying asleep. The main cause of medical disorder is resulted by functional impairment while awake. It has been classified as organic and non organic insomnia which is worsened by daytime functioning. There are different insomnia causes which call for immediate insomnia treatment otherwise it may produce unexpected dire consequences. According to DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) every year the number of people suffering from insomnia is increasing and it is seen more commonly in women compared to men.  


There are different factor responsible for this medical disorder such as stimulants and psychoactive drugs and certain other things like caffeine, herbs, cocaine, nicotine, amphetamines, MDMA and methylphenidate. In addition to this, Restless Legs Syndrome is also considered a main factor for insomnia causes as it creates discomforting sensation prompting the sufferer to continuously move legs and other body parts to get some relief from this sensation. Moreover, there are some mental disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder schizophrenia, clinical depression and bipolar disorder. Some medical conditions have also been noticed contributing to severe insomnia, include rheumatoid arthritis and hyperthyroidism.


Lorazepam is the best option insomnia treatment, even though it is administered for a short term treatment but very effective. Lorazepam is marketed under the brand name of Temesta and Ativan and most online drugstores are offering Ativan for treatment of insomnia. In most of the cases, insomnia is resulted in due to side effects of other medications and another disease or other psychological problems that is why it is very important to identify such causes before treatment. The first and foremost step towards cures for insomnia is sleep hygiene. It should be paid attentions to and tried before any other pharmacological approach.

Experienced and qualified specialists in sleep medicine should be contacted to diagnose the main causes of different sleep disorders. It has been seen that most of the patients having various disorders such as delayed sleep phase syndrome are not diagnosed appropriately. If a patient experiences trouble in getting to sleep but otherwise has no problem in normal sleep pattern after falling asleep. It means he or she may be suffering from circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm disorder is a cycle of 24 hours noted in living entities’ behavioral, physiological and biochemical process.

If you are having severe insomnia symptoms, it means you have sleep apneal and you should immediately see a doctor without any delay. This is what you should never ever take lightly. Sometimes, it happens that you are having severe insomnia symptoms but you are not aware of it; which can put your health in danger. New research on insomnia causes has found that at least one third of grownup suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorder. The general insomnia is caused by daily stress of overworking, unscheduled timetable of daily life and inappropriate standard of life.


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