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General Information

Abenol is one of the most commonly used medications. It could be purchased over the counter, which means that it does not require any prescription from the doctor. Thus, people could use it for numerous symptoms with different medical conditions. This drug is also known by the names Tylenol and Paracetamol.

Abenol is an analgesic and antipyretic approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The component in the drug orders the brain to elevate the pain threshold, thus any slight pain could be tolerated by the body, depending on the dose of the drug.

This medication is available in many forms. Depending on the preference, people in need for pain relief could choose from either coated capsules, liquid solution, gel capsules and pills, chewable pills and suppositories- allowing patients to choose whether to consume the medication orally or in the rectum.

Recommended Dose and Available Dosages

Abenol is available in 325mg, 500mg, and 650mg dosages. For children, the dosage depends on their age and weight- from 40 mg to 650 mg, and is taken every four hours. Adults could take between the doses of 325 mg and 650 mg every four to six hours.

As a suppository, children could take it between the doses 80 mg to 325 mg, and 650 mg for adults. Maximum treatment with Abenol should not exceed 10 days. Should this happen, or if an y new symptoms appear, consult the doctor.

Never take 2 or more medications containing Abenol, and stick to the required dosage- never exceed dosage until the doctor tells you so. Reading the label carefully is strongly advised when administered as a non-prescription treatment. Monitor any changes and progress during the entire course of treatment, as fevers and pain could also be a symptom of something worse.

Side Effects and Allergies

Abenol is generally safe to relieve pains, aches and fever. If properly administered, its efficacy is similar to that of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve even those pains caused by degenerative arthritis.

Misusage and overdose could cause discomfort, and worse, serious damage to the liver. Just like other analgesic and antipyretic medications, Abenol in high dosage (especially when taken with alcohol) increases its potential toxicity which could cause stomach bleeding.

Abenol for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Abenol is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, and it is one of their choices when seeking for pain relief and fevers. Ingredients in this medication does not have direct and harmful effects to the development of the fetus. Although a minute amount of this drug could be secreted in the breastmilk, it is tolerable and does not show harmful effects on the newborn.

Reminders for Abenol Users and to the Public

Those who are unsure should always seek the doctors advise, as some people may be allergic to Abenol. Before finally deciding to opt this as a medication for pains, aches and fevers, it is also important to take into consideration one's medical history. Should there be any serious medical condition in the past, ask the doctor before taking Abenol or any other medications.

Generic Name: Acetaminophen

Brand Names: Abensanil, Acamol, Accu-Tap, Acephen, Acetagesic, Acetalgin, Acetaminofen, Actamin, Actimol, Butalbital APAP, Co-codamol, Fioricet, Paracetamol, Ultracet

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