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General Information

Abensanil as a non-prescription medication, has been one of the most commonly used medication in the market. It is used to relieve pains, aches and fevers due to various symptoms accompanies with various medical conditions. Abensanil is also known by these two popular medications being sold over the counter: Tylenol and Paracetamol. Abensanil's chemical compound is para-acetylaminophenol.

It is an analgesic and antipyretic approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the US. This medication increases the patient's threshold of pain, and also lowers the body temperature. Depending on the patient's purpose of taking the drug, it could relieve pain and at the same time return the body temperature to normal.

Patients could take Abensanil according to how they want it. Abensanil could be taken by liquid sol-urinary tract infection, coated capsules, chewable tablets, gel capsules and tablets, and suppositories. Thus, Abensanil could be taken orally, or by passing it through the rectum.

Its available doses are 325mg, 500mg, and 650mg.


For children, the dosage would depend on the age and weight, however it should not be lower than 40mg or exceed 650 mg. Adults could take it orally from 325mg and 650mg (depending on the intensity of pain, or temperature) every four to six hours. When Abensanil is taken as a suppository, children could take between 80mg to 325mg, and 650 mg for adults.

Abensanil, just like other antipyretic and analgesic medications should not be taken for 10 days or more. If the fever or pain persists, and/or develops to something worse, immediately call the doctor's attention.

Side Effects and Allergies

Abensanil is generally safe to use for the relief of aches, pains and pyrexia (fever). Similarly, it has the same effects as aspirin do, and could be as effective as NSAIDs when administered in the right dose and could be also used to treat degenerative arthritis.

However, overuse could also lead to harm, just like other drugs. It could cause serious damage to the liver and stomach bleeding when taken together with alcohol. Never use 2 or more medications that contain Abensanil at the same time, and never increase the dosage unless the doctor says so. As other over the counter medications, its label should be carefully read and proper dose should be observed.

When administered to children, particularly children two years old and younger, take note of precautionary tract infections. If possible, monitor temperature changes during the whole treatment, and observe if there are any negative changes.

Abensanil for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Abensanil is safe for both pregnant and nursing women. It does not cause harm to the fetus, and though studies show that a minute amount of the medication could be excrete in the breast milk, it is tolerable and does not pose any threat to the infants.

Reminders for Abensanil Users and to the Public

Before taking Abensanil, take note of the medical history. Should there be any previous medical condition that could be serious, seek the doctor's advise, as it could have adverse effect to the body.

Generic name: Acetaminophen

Brand names: Abenol, Acamol, Accu-Tap, Acephen, Acetagesic, Acetalgin, Acetaminofen, Actamin, Actimol, Co-codamol, Dolviran, Esgic-Plus, Fioricet, Paracetamol, Ultracet

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