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Millions of people from around the world periodically suffer from the effects of hay fever, allergies and other similar problems. These conditions can bring about annoying symptoms like sneezing, runny nose as well as itching. Many people also suffer from post nasal drip and congested or runny noses that are not caused by allergies on a regular basis. The good news is that there is an effective and simple solution to all of these problems. The antihistamine nasal spray generic Astelin has been shown to be very effective in getting rid of these irritating condition and symptoms. If you are suffering from a runny nose or Hay Fever, then you might want to buy Astelin online.

Generic Astelin is one of the most effective treatments for nasal problems like hay fever, allergies and congested noses. Just like with any form of medication, however, you should ask your physician for a prescription before running off to buy generic Astelin online. You should also keep in mind that Astelin generic is meant to be used for your nose so you should be careful not to spray any directly onto your eyes. Astelin is very easy to use and it comes with a convenient pump. When you buy Astelin online for the first time, be sure to prime the bottle’s pump before using it. You can do this by pressing on the pump 4 times until a fine spray comes out of the nozzle. You should remember to prime your pump by pressing it 2 or 3 times after storing the bottle for more than 3 days without using it.

When you buy generic Astelin online, you will be able to experience relief from the symptoms of allergies, Hay fever or a congested nose within 3 hours after using it. The effects of generic Astelin are also long-lasting and one dose is good for 12 hours more or less. Remember to be religious in taking the correct dosage. If you happen to miss a dose, wait for the next scheduled dose; and just like any other medication, do not attempt to double-dose. If the symptoms go away for a while, then the bottle should be stored at room temperature. Be sure to keep the bottle in an upright position and keep the pump closed. One bottle should last you for a long time and it might take a while before you will have to buy Astelin online again.

Generic Astelin is a safe and effective drug; but just like any other drug, you should ask your doctor if you can take it. Be sure to ask your doctor about taking generic Astelin along with other drugs as well. Astelin generic may also cause some minor drowsiness, but this is common for most antihistamine medications.

While it is best to consult with your doctor regarding the recommended dosage for the drug before going off to buy generic Astelin online, you can usually use Astelin twice a day. You can use 2 sprays per nostril twice a day for adults, as well as for children over 12 years old.

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