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Ortho Evra

Commonly known as norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol, Ortho Evra is a medication that is issued to those who want to stay away from becoming pregnant. The drug stops the ovulation process in the body and affects the lining of the uterine wall and the mucous membranes of the cervix. Ortho Evra is used as a patch, meaning, it’s not taken orally like a pill. The medication can’t guarantee safety from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, too.

Ortho Evra Restrictions

Ortho Evra should be used with careful attention from their doctors by people who have a history of heart attacks, heart disease, heart failure, depression, mild angina, overweight issues, kidney disease, diabetes, fibrocystic breast disease, seizures, high cholesterol and seizures. Those who have gone through a recent pregnancy, blood clots, hormone dependent cancers, liver cancer and other liver diseases, jaundice from birth control pills, heart valve disorders, stroke and abnormal vaginal bleeding cannot take Ortho Evra, at all.

Women who are nursing, pregnant, probably pregnant, or were pregnant recently cannot take Ortho Evra. The American Food and Drug Administration classifies the drug as a pregnancy risk category X. The drug can be absorbed into the breast milk of the woman. Also, it may promote slow production of breast milk. Thus, a nursing baby’s health would be affected.

Side Effects

The side effects that may come from taking this drug range from mild to severe. Allergic reactions are usually one of the most common effects. They include swelling of the mouth, tongue, the lips, or the throat. Swelling of the face is also possible, together with hives and shortness of breath.

The following symptoms are considered not very serious. However, they still warrant reporting to your doctor: mild nausea, breast pain, bloating, vomiting, tenderness, diarrhea, darkening of the facial skin, loss of hair, increased hair growth, contact lenses problem, vaginal discharge or itching, weight gain or weight loss, sexual dysfunction, headaches, changes in your menstrual cycle, fatigue and dizziness.

The serious side effects from Ortho Evra cover chest pain, sudden weakness or numbness of one side of the body, headaches and pain behind the eyes, loss of motor coordination, blurry vision, more severe migraines, dark urine, nausea, jaundice, clay-colored stools, stomach pain, loss of appetite, depression, swelling of the feet, hands and ankles, breast lumps and difficulty with speech. If an effect is considered serious, immediate medical attention must be sought.

Ortho Evra Dosage And Administration

Ortho Evra should be used according to how it was prescribed to you. Extra patches must not be placed on the skin if a patient has forgotten to use a previous patch. A week is the maximum period where a patch may be used. After seven days, the patch has to be changed. In cases of overdose, symptoms like vomiting, vaginal bleeding and nausea would be evident. Medical attention must be immediately sought.

If a patient needs to take new medications along with Ortho Evra, the doctor must be properly informed. This is because adverse reactions may manifest. Drugs like phenylbutazone, ascorbic acid, acetaminophen, St. John’s wort, seizures medications, antiobiotics, HIV medications, prenidsone and barbiturates are known to react negatively with Ortho Evra.

Other Details

Ortho Evra is available in 150-20mcg/24hr patches with molecular weight of 327.47 + 296.41.

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