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Zocor is a drug that is currently helping millions of people around the world avoid an early death from the ever so rampant coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease is caused by having too much bad cholesterol in your body which then ends up collecting around your Coronary arteries, thus making them constrict to a level whereby they cannot function as they are supposed to. Zocor is a brand name that so many people around the globe who have the coronary artery disease are familiar with. Simply put, it is a cholesterol lowering drug. However, what not too many people around the world are familiar with is that one can get generic Zocor instead for much cheaper. You can even buy generic Zocor online right now for much less than what you would pay for the brand name drug.

The generic name for Zocor, which not a lot of people know, is Simvastatin. Simvastatin is a generic drug that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in December 5th 1991 as a prescription drug. It has the same working mechanism as Zocor. There are two types of cholesterol produced in our body. There is the Low Density Lipid cholesterol also called LDL and the High Density Lipid cholesterol also known as HDL. LDL cholesterol is the one which does more harm than good and thus is the major cause of Coronary artery disease. Simvastatin or Zocor, works by inhibiting an enzyme in our liver that is needed for LDL cholesterol production. At the same time, the drug also works by boosting the levels of HDL in our blood which is the good cholesterol. By taking down the levels of LDL and raising up those of HDL cholesterol, the risk of Coronary artery disease is greatly reduced.

As a matter of fact, all generic drugs in the world are required by the FDA to have the same working mechanism as their counterpart brand name drugs. The generic drug is required to have the same active ingredients that result in the same treatment and are also required to be at the same, if not higher quality standards. They are also supposed to have the same strength, dosage and even modes of administration. According to the Havard heart letter, on their May issue, generic drugs are exactly the same as their counterpart brand name drugs in all respects except maybe looks and definitely cost. Generic Zocor is definitely cheaper. This is why so many people would rather buy generic Zocor online now instead of the brand name drug.

Considering that the generic zocor is much cheaper than the brand name drug, a lot of people are now shifting to buy it online. Buying it online is just an added advantage to going out and getting it yourself from the pharmacy or if it is not available in your area. If you buy generic Zocor online you will get it in the same forms of either tablets or oral disintegrating tablets.

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