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What do we really look for when we try our search engine on medical information? It is either list of all possible drugs or list of all diseases and human anatomy. However, most of the times the search engines revert back with multiple websites with all these information. Here is one website now, which covers almost all domains of medical fields under one portal. Yes, is one platform where you will find not only a consolidated list of all drugs and diseases but also the reviews on various drugs and diseases.

Human anatomy understanding was always a complication. But not any more! At, you can get a complete picture about human anatomy filtering and eliminating all possible confusions which people develop while reading information from other websites. This website has all possible components which makes it a leader amongst the followers. Its alphabetic approach for the disease list makes it extremely comfortable for all those users who are experienced as well as a novice in the arena of computers. is one junction, which will make sure that all desired information is provided to the end customer under one roof. So go ahead and explore your world of medical information.

Drugs reviewsDrugs reviews
Dantroleno is medication used for relaxing muscles in order to relieve tension. Mainly used for treating symptoms associated with stroke, cerebral palsy, disseminated... Read more >>
Paracetamol is the more popular term for the medication called acetaminophen. Although a pain-reliever, Paracetamol is not classified as a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory... Read more >>
Oseltamivir is used as a treatment for influenza. Created in the Gilead Sciences laboratories, the drug is sold with the brand name Tamiflu by a pharmaceutical company... Read more >>
Commonly known as norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol, Ortho Evra is a medication that is issued to those who want to stay away from becoming pregnant. The drug stops the... Read more >>
Most commonly issued as Gabapentin, Neurontin is a medication used to treat certain seizure disorders. It also acts as a pain reliever, especially in the case of nerve... Read more >>
What is alopecia and what are its symptoms? Are there any known causes of it? How is alopecia diagnosed and what is the best method of treatment, if any? Here we... Read more >>
It used to be called the change of life – now it’s more commonly known by the medical term menopause. Whatever we call it, menopause can have a significant impact on a... Read more >>
Hair loss and its treatment have concerned people for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians massaged their bald spots with a mixture of crocodile, lion and hippopotamus... Read more >>
Mouth ulcers almost always occur on the inside of the cheek or on the gum near the cheek and sometimes underneath or on the edge of the tongue. These small sores... Read more >>
The recent arthritis awareness campaign has helped to increase our understanding of this all-to-common medical condition. While most discussion about arthritis... Read more >>

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